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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Lab-grown diamonds can be referred to as cultured diamonds, man-made diamonds, laboratory created diamonds or engineered diamonds. They all refer to the same product.
CVD Diamonds are produced by placing a small slice of diamond seed in a sealed chamber and heated until the internal chamber temperature reaches approximately 1000 degrees Celsius. By heating ultra-rich carbon gases like methane in the controlled chamber the carbon atoms in the gas begin to disassociate. Upon separation the carbon atoms fall onto diamond seed, building up layer-by-layer until they form rough CVD diamonds.
Our lab-grown diamonds are cultivated and natural ingredients are placed in an environment created to duplicate nature. As soon as combination of chemical and environmental factors is created, diamond starts growing in the lab. These man-made diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties that are identical to natural.
You will only be able to tell the difference if you are a certified gemologist. Such differences can only be identified using dominant microscope.
The growth of our diamonds is conventional because of controlled laboratory conditions and refined materials being implemented. Our quality control team assures that only best ones releases from the entire production.
Diabon’s grown diamonds are graded to the same pattern as earth mined diamonds and comes with diamond grading reports from leading independent laboratories such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI). These reports are identical to mined diamond which includes 4c’s. Our each diamond is laser-inscribed with the unique grading report number.
The difference varies from 30% to 70% depending upon the size, shape and the quality of the diamond. The price difference rises substantially as the weight and quality of the diamond increases. A very high production cost and the complexity of the technological process in creating these individually grown diamonds keep their numbers small and their quality and value high. Cultivated lab created diamonds will not lose their value with time.
Yes, Diabon’s grown diamonds are more durable compared to mined ones as it comes with fewer inclusions. The hardness of our diamonds are exactly the same as earth-minded diamonds & most of our diamonds are type IIa.
Our vision is to offer an opportunity for social and ecological development where diamonds do not claim any lives. We are proud to offer exceptional quality diamonds grown under controlled conditions resulting in no devastating environmental impact.
Our Lab Grown Diamonds does not require high energy consumption like earth mining. Our plants are eco-friendlier than traditional coal-based plants preserving natural resources of our mother earth for future generations to come.
It will never lose its luxury because it carries all the peculiarities of a real diamond with reasonably priced.
The Lab Grown Diamonds will not be changed over the time because of the hardness of our diamond is exactly the same as earth-minded diamonds.
Yes, insurance companies will insure your Lab Grown Diamond jewellery precisely the same way they insure any other jewellery.
Yes, same as earth mined diamonds.
Yes, as long as they are being sold with full disclosure.
Natural mined diamonds are found in various shapes. When polishing such diamonds one has to consider impurities and unusual flaw of diamond which result into lower carat weight. Lab grown diamonds come in desirable shape and weight which enables cutter to obtain high yield. Therefore, you get bigger diamond with lab grown.
Beautiful science and technological advancement made it possible to cultivate it from one point to 4 carat.